Alan Watts

Greetings! My name is Alan Watts, and I'm a philosopher and writer known for my teachings on Zen Buddhism and the concept of flow.

In my travels and teachings, I often speak of the importance of being fully present in each moment, rather than constantly striving towards some future goal or outcome. This idea is embodied in the concept of flow, where one is so completely absorbed in an activity that time seems to disappear and there is a feeling of effortless effort.

Zen Buddhism teaches us that true happiness and fulfillment can only be found in the present moment. We must let go of our attachment to the past and our worries about the future, and instead focus on being fully engaged in each moment as it arises.

One of my favorite analogies for this idea is the tale of a farmer who is approached by a traveler who asks him what he is doing. The farmer simply replies, "I am planting," but when asked what he will do when the planting is finished, he responds, "I will then harvest." The traveler continues to ask about future plans, but the farmer simply replies each time, "I will then do whatever is next."

This farmer embodies the idea of flow, as he is completely focused on the task at hand, without concern for what may come next. He lives in the present moment and finds happiness and fulfillment in each task he performs.

In our own lives, we can strive to cultivate this sense of flow by becoming fully engaged in each moment, rather than constantly striving towards some future goal. Whether it's through meditation, hobbies, or simply taking time to appreciate the beauty around us, we can find true happiness and fulfillment in each moment of life.

So my friends, embrace the present moment, find your flow, and experience the true joy and fulfillment that comes from living in the here and now.